Off-grid community-based lighting system

The light is designed for people who are living in off-grid, sustainable, and self-sufficient communities. The light is open for modifications to suit various use cases where the user could add personalized extensions such as hooks to hang or mount the device. The battery will be charged when connecting the charger and the solar panel, but are not necessary for just running the light. The microcontroller enables the user to regulate the intensity of the light as well as opening up possibilities to extend the technical capabilities of the system. Currently we have a light sensor that turns the lamp on when no other light is available and a motion detecting sensor to save energy. Our hope is that a community of users will use this open framework to further improve the lamp by adding code and sensors that make sense to them. Because at the end of the day they can see needs and opportunities that we as designers could never have anticipated.

Project info
Hannes Laurin