Today we generate 44,7 metric tonnes of electronic waste every year - how can we change this behavior?

Loop Toaster is part of a series of kitchen appliances based on the Design For Disassembly technology. This method makes every material recyclable and repairs possible since no parts are held together with permanent fixings. The inner parts are put together by a hooking system, and the remaining parts are held together by the legs which function as screws. We generate extreme amounts of electronic waste – it is easier to buy new electronics than repairing old. Our goal is to make this linear behavior more circular by increasing the lifespan of the product through timeless design, as well as simplifying the recycling process. Producing a cable requires huge amounts of energy and raw materials – an environmental issue we rarely think of. We often throw away fully functioning cables, resulting in unnecessary waste. To encourage people to think twice about the amount of cables we are using, the Loop uses a single modular cable that works for all kitchen appliances.

Project info
Linnéa Hagborg
Ebba Kjellin