Living Pot

How do you create something that inspires and helps people to start growing plants? If you discuss with people, you find some common problems that people have e.g “forgot to give them water” or “don’t know the correct amount of water”. The need for a gardener during holiday is the most common reasons to not start growing plats at all. This ended up with the idea to create a self-water pot that would help people understand the process of growing without making it complicated.

The “Living Pot” is design to works like nature by itself. In that way it is helps the owner to easier grow plants at home. By placing the pot in any container or bowl with water almost reaching up to 1/3 of the pot, the plant can consume the right amount of water that it needs at all times. Since the container can inclose more water than ordinary pots, it gives you the opportunity to leave the plants for a longer period. This “Living Pot” encourage people to start grow with a great success without “green fingers”.

Project info
Katarina Segerberg
Presskit (2.32 MB)