LINE is a toilet armrest that is designed to change our idea of how to design for people with disabilities.

Identity is something that we create by the things we own, wear and surrond us with. The identity is something very important for us humans since it’s the way of expressing ourselves and telling others who we are but if the market doesn’t offer you the things that you want, your identity change to something that you don’t want it to be. The design of todays products for disabled and elderly people has a very close connection to hospital aesthetics which makes the users labeled as people who are sick, even though they aren’t. The main core of the project has been about showing that we can think different when we design for these target groups and that the aesthetics should be connected to the home rather than a hospital. The result is an armrest with smooth curves that offers you a great comfort and support but with a contemporary design language to follow the current bathroom interior styles.

Project info
Emma Hjortenklev Wassberg