The igniting spark to this project was my aching back as I saw a fellow student standing by her height adjustable desk. I thought it would be great to be able to adjust my working position as well. However, I already own a vintage desk that I want to keep. This made me think; could I create a solution that gives my desk, as well as most of all other analogue desks, the function of height adjustability, and by doing so encourage upcycling and a healthier work life?
To achieve a greater understanding of the physical challenges people face while working from home I researched and analysed the homemade workplace solutions that people had created during the pandemic. Design decisions were made based on the conclusions drawn from these investigations.
The result is a height adjustable add-on solution that fits a wide range of analogue desks. It helps reduce waste and enables a healthier and more ergonomic work life by its adjustability.