a modular table to connect with

KOLLEKTIV is a modular table that also serves a trolley, designed for a co-housing dining room.

Co-housing could be a way of tackle growing population, urbanization and loneliness, and the dining room is where the magic happens. Here the residents plan activities together, babysit for each other and borrow each other’s power tools.

To differentiate the dining room from an institution and encourage conversation between neighbors, the need for individualism and flexibility in a big group has been explored.

The user would pick up food with the table and sit down beside other neighbors. The triangular shape is inviting and can be placed together in several combinations. One table is big enough for two people but small enough for one.

The metal tube serves as a handle and can hold a lamp or a candle.

Project info
Ellen Berglund
Presskit (11.34 MB)