Convenience made comfortable

This object is derived from the way space limitations are one of the primary reasons for combining functions. When looking into scenarios in which we are forced to limit the quantity of objects we have, I was drawn to how we live and the current housing shortage. What I found especially interesting was how small additions to a highly restricted situation could make a huge difference. Koja is a celebration and exploration of how we used to utilize our kitchen space. This traditional Scandinavian kitchen sofa, which is a highly chimerical object in itself, has been transformed and adapted to a more modern setting where the social possibilities are often limited by space. This transformation aims to support the social aspect of inviting people to your home while also providing the possibility of privacy. By adding additional seats and a more private way of staying the night in an interactive and playful way, the kitchen sofa can become a centerpiece in the room, supporting our social habits.

Project info
Erik Lif