KOI is a pair of bike lights for urban environments. The product consists of two main parts; a mount and a lamp. The mounts should be attached to the handlebars and seatpost and left on the bike, whereas the pocket sized lamps should be detached and carried with the user each bike ride. The lamp is easily attached to the mount and can also be attached to other things, such as a backpack or jacket for example. The two main areas of focus when designing KOI were user friendliness and sustainability. User friendliness has been achieved through the implementation of details which convey how the lights are intended to be used and makes it pleasant for the owner to do so. Sustainability has been pursued by integrating rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Furthermore KOI is designed in such a way that the user can easily and intuitively separate materials and components once their product lifetime is over, which makes it easier to dispose of the lights in a proper way.

NOTE: Bike, human model and bag are not modeled by me.