A flexible storage for textile crafters

Karin is a cabinet designed to store ongoing textile projects, tools, and materials in an easily accessible and adaptable way. With a starting point in the folk culture of Sweden and textile crafts, the result is a cabinet and trolley combination made for textile crafters.
With an exterior made from pine plywood and leather, Karin has a minimalistic, moderate exterior and a surprisingly colorful interior. The leather details are integrated into the wood and fastened using traditional tacks, and the parts of the leather pocket are sewn together by hand using waxed linen thread.

The cabinet can be opened from both sides, which emphasizes the feeling of mobility and flexibility. On the inside of the doors, the needle storage add-ons can be placed to adjust the cabinet to fit the needs of the user’s specific craft. The inner shelves can be put at the user’s desired height, and the leather pocket on top can be used as a resting place for an ongoing project or to hold a ball of yarn while knitting.

Karin is the perfect height to be maneuvered from a sitting position, which is where most textile crafters work. All the things needed for everyday crafting fit in this functional yet small piece of furniture. With its colorful and playful interior and its mature and calm exterior, the cabinet was named Karin, after Karin Larsson.

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