ba/Japanese Knotweed as an alternative material

Japanese knotweed, or Parkslide in Swedish, is considered one of the world’s most invasive species. The aim of my project was to explore and investigate the possibility of utilizing an alternative material, and by doing so, help restrict an invasive species.

The plant can be found all over the world and its root system can damage concrete foundations, buildings, and pavings. The stems are hollow and harden when they wither in the fall, and it’s these stems I’ve been working with. Experts in the field of invasive species were consulted on the risks of using an invasive plant, and the possibilities of using it in a commercial way were discussed.

The result is a conceptual table piece made of the stems, as well as a more realistic example of use: being a filler material for table tops. Using the stems in a vertical way between thinner sheets minimizes material use and weight of the furniture.

I hope the project will help inspire a more open view towards alternative materials and raise awareness towards invasive species.