Identity of Things

The coexistence of man and product (or lack thereof).

This project has been an exploration about the way we relate to products today. We surround us with many things we do not care about. I believe designers could play a role in curing these poor relationships between mankind and product, by shifting our focus from users, usability and user-friendliness to that of participants instead. Dictating people what and how to do excludes them rather than includes them, which makes it hard for us to build up close relationships. Making products less defined gives participants the opportunity to fill in the core with their own imagination, love and memories. Only then objects start to exist in their own rights and become much more valuable to us. The result is a series of objects that should remind us of this, called ‘Almost a hairdryer’, ‘Not quite an iron’ and ‘Nearly a shower’.


Project info
Tessa Geuze