line of self-heated lunchboxes

A line of lunch boxes that heats up its contents to help one avoid the long microwave queues at workplaces and personalize hygiene by avoiding the usage of dirty microwaves. It helps users enjoy their meal and meet their nutritional goals without having to worry about resorting to expensive and average canteen food.

It’s been found that users with diet restrictions and allergies have difficulties in diversifying their meal choices. Also, research by hygienists has shown that the microwave handles in shared lunch-rooms are just as dirty as a toilet seat, and although our immune systems are normally well equipped to handle this, COVID-19 has shown us the contrary. It will be shaping our hygiene habits across every imaginable space, but we should not allow a pandemic or anything else to spoil our lunch breaks. Then how can we effortlessly enjoy our food without the long queues, limited choices, and questionable microwaves?

“Hotbite” aims to solve these problems by exploring an attractive and modern product for the 21st century. With its modular power-units, it effectively suits various professions and budgets.

Project info
Akshay Patil