I feel nature, I hold nature

Cow horn has been a crafting material in Europe for 1000s of years. Yet, in the last 100 years the materi­al has disappeared from our pool of commonly used materials. Today it is mostly used for dogfood and gelatine. I believe that horn could again become a common­ly used crafting material, especially for modern and sustainable products. Among my many visions for horn, I see it as a beau­tiful, natural material that could be used instead of plastic. In this project im setting out to explore the prop­ertis, advantages and disadvantages of cow horn and how to use it for contemporary products in modern production.

By testing and exploring horn as a material I found advantages and disadvantages with the material. From this knowledge decided to make a tant lamp. After deciding on a portable tent lamp, I dived in to understanding the needs and requirements for this product. My starting point was that it should be made from horn, but all other forms and features were open to me.  The result of my project, is a tent lamp made of horn and wood. When designing the lamp, the principles of “Design for disassembly” were used. These principles affected the form and functionality. Thru the process and result, I wanted to show that the material could still be used for products in today’s consumer marked. 

Project info
Tone Blomén Ridderström