A collection of vases created to make the most out of fresh flowers /or/ Make the most out of your flowers

This Bachelor’s degree project investigates how precious fresh-cut flowers self sustainably can be arranged to be fully showcased and make them come into their own. Inspired by nature’s organic shapes and emphasising functionality, the project concludes with a series of carefully designed modular vases. Despite their different concepts, all the vases share a common objective: to effortlessly bring out the best in flowers.

The project was motivated by the recent rise in flower prices, influenced by factors such as the pandemic, conflicts, inflation, economic downturns, and high electricity costs. In light of these circumstances and the growing trend of mindful consumption, a market gap emerged for a product or products that could optimize the use of flowers. The collection consists of four different concepts; a tilted vase intended for bouquets on receptions, a vase attached to a mirror to double up the effect, a vase with a lid that makes it easy to get a big effect with just a few long flowers and a modular table vase that can be arranged both in a circle and a wave. The challenges of creating complex shapes allowed for the exploration of new materials, combining traditional and modern production techniques. The outcome is a collection of vases intended to enhance the presentation of flowers across various interior settings.

Project info
Frida Neckmar