ceiling lamp

Hikari is a ceiling lamp born from an innovative collaboration with Toyota Material Handling. Hikari combines design elegance with environmental sustainability, embodying the shared values between the two companies.

Crafted from recycled materials sourced from Toyota Material Handling’s industrial vehicles,the lampa transforms waste into luminous artworks. Its magnetic diffuser, which can be easily removed to showcase the recycled piece used, demonstrates the concept of recycling and reuse. Additionally, the lamp’s length and luminosity can be adjusted to meet specific environmental needs, whether in home or work settings.

The name the celing lamp holds significance in Japanese, meaning “light” or “illumination.” Inspired by traditional Japanese lantern motifs, “Hikari” creates captivating and welcoming light patterns, symbolizing inner transformation and connection with nature.

This collaboration between Toyota and Toyota Material Handling signifies a tangible commitment to sustainability, showcasing how innovation and creativity can transform seemingly insignificant materials into timeless works of beauty. Hikari not only illuminates spaces but embraces both domestic and workplace environments, offering flexibility and functionality without compromising style and aesthetics.

Contact: adele.veneziano98@gmail.com

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Adele Veneziano
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