Heme is a menstrual disc for collecting the blood during your period. It functions like a menstrual cup, but is shaped like a diaphragm.

The menstrual disc is reusable and made of medical grade silicone. Wash your hands and insert it by pinching it in half. Remove by hooking a finger in the tab and pulling it out. The no spill rim makes removal less messy. Empty the content, rinse it in cold water and reinsert it. When your period is over the ceramic container can be used to sterilize Heme. Put the disc in the container, fill it up with water and microwave for a few minutes. Let it cool off and pour the water out. Heme can now be stored in the container until your next period. The hole in lid allows for air flow and for Heme to be stored in a dry place.

The color of Heme was inspired by blood. I wanted a dark color with red and violet tones, that would also disguise the discoloration that eventually occurs with these kind of products.

A menstrual disc should not have to be hidden in your drawer under the bathroom sink. The aim was to make the container a neutral piece that can be placed in an open shelf if desired.

Project info
Christina Zhou