Coconut husk is a widely available resource in Indonesia. The raw material is often considered an agricultural waste and burned or dumped into rivers after harvesting. The aim is to change Indonesians’ attitude towards the husk by associating it with a high-end office product that demonstrates its quality.

Hati-Hati is a sustainable furniture series designed for flexible office spaces. Both the seat and acoustic floor screens are filled with coir fibres derived from the outer shell of the coconut.

The natural sound-absorbent coconut husk in the form of pressed sheets is covered with wool upholstery and supported by oak legs on wheels.

Different office situations call for diverse setups, layouts and dynamics.
The freestanding office dividers can easily be moved around and attached to the bench. The screens and the cushion seat have different colours on both sides to adapt to various activities.

Project info
Kasia Waśniowska
Presskit (7.23 MB)