Toolkit for making fine dried noodles

Hanging-tasty offers you the tools you need when making fine dried noodles at home. A box and sticks on which to hang the noodles on, starts the drying process. With its great taste, fine dried noodles is a part of the traditional food culture of eastern countries. Besides that, it is convenient to store and cook which has spread the popularity of the dish to many more countries. In China and Japan, people use low temperature to dry the noodles which makes them pliable and smooth.

The process begins with placing the noodles in the box and covering with a wet cloth for fermentation. Then joint the sticks to create a frame, place them on top of the box and hang the noodles on them to dry. Now you can have your fine dried noodles.

Project info
Elena (Ke Xu)
Presskit (23.27 MB)