adjustable working station

Hänga is an adjustable working station, crafted for the new workers and students generation.  

When having your own desk is less and less a permanent solution, the work environment becomes an abstractly defined location where individuals from multiple businesses can engage in work.

In universities, libraries or offices, the modern professionals need a practical working station for temporary use: Hänga was born to offer to them the chance to provide different setups depending on their daily needs.  

Designed through a cyclic and sustainable approach, the main structure is made out of long lasting steel to be “public-proof”, while the addition of beechwood and woven felt fabric aims to re-create a more cozy and private feeling. Thanks to the metal mesh everything it’s movable by the user, free to choose the favourite configuration.

Project info
Axel Engström
Samuel Lehto
Tommaso Mirabella Roberti