Hammer Time

While carving, the realization of the importance of the knife as a tool to make other tools becomes crystal clear. Using only a knife and what seemed to be an unlimited amount of wood, what can you make that helps people connect to the food or the food process? I ended up focusing on one of the oldest tools used to handle food, the hammer. The meat hammer and board is a tool that help us understand the food we eat better. By simply working it, breaking it down, changing its consistency and shape, we experience a different taste. In today’s society knowledge of where the food comes from, what’s in the food and how to work with it is slowly decreasing. By using the tools that have been with us for centuries and handling food in a classical way, we might be able to recapture the simplicity of knowing your food and what is in it. Although, just because it’s a simple tool does not make it a simple task to carve.

Project info
Philip Bergström
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