Reinvention of candles

Halos use the advantages of candles but utilize technology to create a contemporary mood light. Mood lighting for dining has been roughly the same for the past centuries; Inspired by that fact and how we use candles was the starting point for Halos. Cozy, simple, portable and reliable are the key features of a candle – Halos has them all without the hazardous fumes and the risk of fire.

By restricting the user to either let the battery drain or put them back into the charger, to switch them off, makes for a simple and reliable light source. The portability comes from a Lithium-ion battery which gives Halos 3 hours of light. The disk can be placed anywhere to create a comfortable and warm lighting scene. The disks are made of aluminum to enable charging through the casing, the top and bottom is the anode and the cathode.

Project info
Anton Nordenson
Presskit (48.49 MB)