Growing Waste

Using waste to grow edible haulms

When people prepare food a lot of waste is thrown away such as plastic, paper, glass and food. A lot of the stuff that is discarded as trash can be reused in different ways to prolong their use and maximize the efficiency of their lifecycle.

How can we harvest the potential of waste and educate people that what is thrown away isn’t always trash?

Vegetable tops can grow haulms if they are placed in water, however most people choose to throw them away. Depending on the vegetable, the haulms can be used as ingredients or just decoration in a home. For instance beet rot haulm leaves can be used in the same way as spinach.

The product allows people to experiment which vegetable tops can be used to grow haulms, how will they look like and what can they be used for? Hopefully this item in the kitchen will be a constant reminder that what is thrown away isn’t always trash and might make people think an extra second before throwing something away.

Project info
Christian Thams
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