Grow-mato is a playful object that has the purpose of helping people, particularly children, connect to nature by exploring the basic principles of growing a tomato plant. In modern society, many have become unaware of the simplicity of cultivating their own vegetables at home or in community gardens and Grow-mato is a reminder of this fact.

The lower, bowl-shaped part of the structure is where the soil goes, and where the seed is planted. As time goes by you can experience the tomato plant rising from the ground to climb the vertical, upper part of Grow-mato until the stem reaches 15 cm (the minimum height that a tomato plant needs to be planted in the soil). The idea is that the tomato and Grow-mato are planted together, this to symbolize the product’s continued journey in the cycle of nature.

Grow-mato is perfect for anyone who wants to invest in nature, children and adults alike, and is the first step towards a green mentality and a red appetite.

Project info
Maria Vittoria Alfonsi
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