Encouraging individuals to save and reuse brewed coffee grounds

This project explores the disposal of biodegradable waste in our homes. A lot of biodegradable waste is matter that we can reuse in our everyday life with variable functions. Coffee grounds, for example, is a natural material that can be used as fertilizer, in natural skincare products and in cleaning detergents.

My product is a strainer made out of two separable parts: a glass container and a fabric filter. Its main function is separating water from brewed coffee grounds, specifically targeted towards people using French presses at home; a brewing technique with
free-floating coffee grounds. While cleaning out French presses, people often pour out the brewed coffee grounds into the drain. This causes an accumulation of coffee grounds in our sewage systems which may lead to clogging.

This product, made out of a sustainable material, would instead encourage users to save and reuse their brewed coffee grounds; resulting in less stress on our sewage systems, and hopefully a decreased consumption of chemical detergents and skincare – products which are often packed in plastic.

Project info
Ian Milembe Harryson
Presskit (15.96 MB)