GPX Instrument & GPX Move

Quality inspecting instruments for food productions

In food production facilities, packagings are quality inspected to ensure proper sealing and correct atmosphere within. The project was done in collaboration with Gasporox AB (publ), a company developing and producing quality inspection instruments. The goal of the project was to develop a new concept of an exiting instrument of theirs. In addition to that, develop a portable inspection device. The two products should both quality control packagings in food production facilities.

By gaining understanding of the intended users and context of food productions, aspects of focus became ergonomics, intuitiveness and hygiene when defining the two concepts.

The project resulted in two quality inspecting instruments. First, a stationary bench-top instrument able to perform analyses of great accuracy in both single and continuous procedures. Second, a handheld device able to execute inspections in a fast and mobile way within the food production site. The two concepts are defined by its large cleanable surfaces, robust material selection and recognizable accent colored details.

Project info
Albin Jonsson