Good guy with a gun

Emergency firearm

“The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” This is a famous quote by Wayne LaPierre in response to the Sandy Hook massacre. LaPierre is the Vice President of the NRA and a pro-gun lobbyist. As gun crime is rampant in the US and school shootings seem to become commonplace, multiple solutions are being explored to mitigate the situation: panic rooms, door barricades, bulletproof backpacks, and whiteboards that can be used as shields. 

This satirical approach is much more direct: What if there was an emergency gun in public spaces that anyone could use? Good guy with a gun poses the firearm as a safety device like an emergency defibrillator or an ordinary fire extinguisher. The Glock pistol was chosen because of its iconic shape. It is used by both law enforcement and criminals the world over. It is very boxy as if the silhouette was drawn by a child. Since its inception, it has claimed no stereotype, and no matter which side of the law the gunner is, it is praised for its reliability and lightweight polymer design. It has been referenced in rap lyrics, adorned movie posters, and referenced in pop culture extensively since its debut. In short, it is THE gun. Now, easily accessible to anyone in case of a shooting.

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Anton Arnqvist