Glida is a collection of ceramic products for bathrooms designed with a self-draining shape. This allows the water to flow which keeps the objects and the contents clean.
Have you ever had that terrible mouldy water on the bottom of your toothbrush container?
Have you ever noticed that a bar of soap lasts longer if it dries properly and quickly?
Have you ever needed to place your wet razor down without dirtying the bathroom surfaces?
Sanitation is a very important issue that affects us in our daily lives.
Inside a bathroom, this topic is strictly related to cleaning, storage and product maintenance.
Glida helps the users keep their toothbrushes separated from one another, eliminating cross-contamination of germs. It extends the life of the soap by freeing it from mould and offers a dedicated place for razors.
The design of the products expects every wall sloping, to make the water drain.

Project info
Eleonora Poletti
Presskit (6.66 MB)