Glass Fast Food Plate

Enjoy your fast food in a more sustainable way

The fast food packaging production process consumes limited natural resources such as wood and fossil fuels with its theoretical recovery rate at 93%, the actual recovery rate is only 29%. It also contains toxic substances, which do harm to humans and the environment. I want to replace fast food plastic plates and paper boxes with glass plates and advocate customers not to bring food out of the fast food restaurant as much as possible. In order to determine the shape of the plate, it was necessary to
do research in terms of the type, size and characteristics of the food. After research, there were five kinds of main foods served as fast food, including hamburgers, fries, drinks, sauce and snacks. While trying to simplify lines and surfaces, I tried to keep the characteristics of different containers, so that people could tell through the shape what these containers are used to hold. Apart from french fries and drinks, other food does not require containers; a plate with grooves is enough.

Project info
Shuai Yuan
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