Glass Container for Food Conservation

The possibility of creating a glass container using only one material but maintaining a seal to keep food fresh

The initial idea started with the research of waste glass sorting systems. I found out that sorting waste glass from other kinds of material requires a heavy demand of human labour and electric power from machines. One of the reasons glass gets mixed with different materials is that existing glass food containers are made of a mixture of materials (e.g. rubber, steel wire, plastic) to seal two parts of the container to keep food fresh. So I want to create a glass container using only one material but maintain a seal to keep food from oxidising.

The design is based on the technique of water blocking. I made a water channel on the main body, so that the lip and the body can be sealed by the water on the channel, which can keep food fresh.

Tip: This product is more suitable for using at home. You don’t want the water on the water channel to ruin your nice suit on your way to work or school 🙂

Project info
Wanhang Zhao
Presskit (15.55 MB)