Glass Brick

A way of recycling coloured glass in a local, artistic way.

For glass artists, it is impossible to avoid mistakes and faults, which result in cracked glass pieces. For clear glass, it can be sent back to the kiln and be recycled, but when it come to coloured glass pieces, they are different. It is not an easy task to recycle coloured glass because it contains several chemical ingredients and only large manufacturers or specialized recyclers can do it.

The Glass Brick offers a method of recycling coloured glass by the artists themselves. What they need to do is to collect the cracked pieces, smash them to small shards and craft the “Glass brick”. These bricks can be used as art decorations or bathroom tiles. Besides, the mould for the brick is made of metal, so it can be reused many times.

Project info
Zhaoxi Huang
Presskit (17.90 MB)