Fun is Fundamental

why are some products more fun than others?

This project centers around something that often doesn‘t get addressed as a critical criteria of a product in today‘s design. That is:


There is this mystery why we like some products more than others, and we can‘t really say why.
My answer to this is, because some products are more fun than others. And fun in all of its different kinds. Fun in a product for example can be a nice visual function, something playful or just something that feels great in your hand while using.

The second big factor is the emotional tie you have to a product.

That is why you‘re most likely have more feelings for your bike than for your microwave, even if both function perfectly. After understanding this, I wanted to do a popular product on the one side and a product nobody usually cares about on the other.

Therefore, I designed a series of 4 knifes which are fun in the sense of:
shape/form, material, detail, living in the moment and long-lasting performance.

And a toiletbrush with a spinning head that you charge like you would start a chainsaw.
This is fun in the aspects of:
tactile feedback, mechanism, playfulness, informal/humor and surprise/effect.

Project info
Tim Schneider
Bachelor year 3
Presskit (31.50 MB)