Framing of clothes

This project is about framing clothes and making them part of the interior in our homes.

Today clothing is a big part of our lives, and we express who we are and our identity through how we dress. But when we come home, we take off our clothes, and with that some of our personality, and store them in the closet. The concept of the project is to take out our favorite garments from where they are stored and be used as part of the interior of our homes. By putting a frame around something it becomes clear that it is in focus. The product consists of a three-dimensional framework made of oak that creates a frame around the garment that is hung in it. The project was inspired by the classic men’s valet. In addition to the hanger, there are also hooks that make it possible to hang necklaces and other accessories on the frame. The hooks are placed on the inside of the frame for them not to interfere with the simple and stylish front.

Project info
Tom Lunde