A cyclic garden light made of glass, powered by rapeseed oil

During festive events we usually decorate our outdoor environment with pitch torches, during the cool summer nights we bring out candles or heaters to keep us cozy. The issue with a great majority of these products is that they are disposable. In Sweden alone we buy roughly 300 million tea lights and pitch torches each year, made out of aluminium, steel and paraffin.

As our society needs to decrease its impact on the environment and become more sustainable, we need to start thinking of cyclic multipurpose products in all aspects of our daily life.

Focus is a lantern made out of recyclable glass, powered with cold pressed rapeseed oil and ready to be with you at any occasion. Let it stand as a centrepiece on your outdoor table and supply you with light and heat. Place it at your front door or along the garden aisle to greet people in the dark; safe for both children and pets.

Project info
Tobias Almén
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