ba/Figure Out

The aim of this project was to focus on the development of problem-solving abilities and creative thinking of children. To create a product that children could interact with to benefit their cognitive skills and stimulate their imagination, the type of skills that would help them throughout their entire life.

The environment and circumstances that we grow up with define a lot of our abilities. How we play and what kind of products we interact with as children have a significant impact on developing our physical, mental and social skills.

In this project, I started by addressing the issue of the creativity decrease that happens within children when they start school. I wanted to emphasize the importance of creative play to develop problem-solving skills. After I ran some user tests, my project took a new turn, and instead I started designing a board game for an older target group. The aim of the game is to improve visual communication skills and embrace the social value of gathering and playing a fantasy-simulated board game.