Workout kit made of natural materials

The Femton workout kit is a selection of four apparatuses made of natural materials to encourage a healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness. The connection between health and environment is clear, still, there is a lack of sustainable workout equipment on the market.

Femton is a kit of four workout tools – An adjustable dumbbell made of ash and marble, including six cylinders with a maximum weight of 8.3 kg. A core wheel and two push-up barrels made of ash and a jump rope made out of hemp at the historical ropewalk located within the naval base in Karlskrona, Sweden. Femton is not just another home workout equipment that you stow away under your bed. It is designed to be a part of a characteristic home, always visible and to keep you motivated. Femton promotes the idea of a 15-minute workout routine everyday to keep you healthy and fit.

Project info
Ali Safa
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