Equilibrium offers a personal and intimate exploration of the self for both the player and the main character. The aim is to empower and inspire a new generation of players who reject the normalized stereotypes of the video game industry.
The project merges industrial design and video game development by using classic design methodology combined with standardized techniques from the video game industry.
The game unfolds in a post-anthropocene distant future, where nature has taken back the planet and the few humans that remain have regressed into an almost prehistoric mode of life. The player plays as Olivine, a young, insecure runaway reluctant to face adulthood. She is accompanied by her best friend Carnelian, Olivine’s polar opposite and idol. Carnelian is strong and clever with an unflappable belief in herself and her abilities—everything Olivine wants to be.
In the trying environment of a forest that is both beautiful and hostile, their friendship slowly falls apart. The unfolding of the story is in your hands. You have to make the choices in an apparently losing battle where pride and insecurity clash against moral values and affection.

Project info
Alexia Pihl