EAT your greens

An attempt to reduce food waste at a consumer level

Eat your greens app focuses on preventing post-production fruit and vegetable loss at a consumer level. Eating a diet focusing on fruits and vegetables is sustainable for people and the environment. In Sweden, 70 percent of food waste is generated at a consumer level. Fruits and vegetables are regularly thrown away because of their perishability and decreased storability. According to Livsmedelsverket, proper planning and storage are necessary to prevent food waste. To accomplish this, people need to be aware of the right choices and make behavioral changes. In TooGoodToGo’s 2021 food waste report, 18-29-year-olds mention difficulties knowing the right decisions. EY Greens focuses on giving users the tools to change their behavior, informing users what fruits and vegetables are in season depending on country and month and how to store these fruits and vegetables, how they are safe to eat, and their nutritional benefits. Fruits and vegetables can be scanned to inform if they are good or bad so that normal defects are not assumed to be dangerous defects. The app helps the user track inventory to remind the user when fruits and vegetables are about to perish. Tracking behavior helps the user be made aware of their habits. Don’t waste, taste!

Project info
Elin Wahlqvist