Early Bird

an alarm clock that wakes the user comfortably.

Early Bird is about creating an object that helps the user to fall asleep and wake up more comfortable. Today a lot of people use smartphones as their standard alarm to wake up. It is simple, practical and doesn’t take up much space in the bedroom. However the smart phone is not sufficient to create a comfortable morning. To achieve a comfortable morning a lot of people instead use wake up lights. The problem with Wake Up Lights is that they are the opposite to a smart phone. They are technical, bulky and in many peoples opinion a sight sore for the eye in the bed room.
The purpose of this project have thus been to combine the positive functions of a smart phone and a wake up light to one. Create a lamp, which is appealing enough that the consumer would want it even if it didn’t work as an alarm. Design an app that work seamlessly with the user’s everyday life and a software that speaks to the hardware, unnoticeable. For a better sleep a better morning and for a better day.

Project info
Julius Nobling