Destruction & Regeneration

Found wood intervention

All the wood in this object was scavenged and salvaged from wood found in different places of the city. The scrap pieces were carefully cut and assembled by hand to create a new volume.

A city is on the other spectrum of a forest; cities are a vast space filled with concrete and steel, but nevertheless wood can be found in the city, be it in the form of a sporadic tree or already processed and transformed into an object.

Objects can be found in homes, stores, restaurants or any other space where people interact with them. As long as they are useful, they are cherished and have a value, but as soon as this is over, either by breakage or deterioration caused by the natural passage of time, objects are discarded or forgotten about. This project focuses on these forgotten objects and how to regenerate them.

This is part of an ongoing project in experimenting with the material. Here one piece is presented:

Side table

Project info
Andrés Mutis
Presskit (16.03 MB)