Contrast agent dispenser

A CT-scan contrast agent dispenser for hospitals, developed using a holistic approach.

This project explores the potential of developing a dispensing machine for a new type of contrast agent to patients drink in hospitals before CT-scans.

This required investigating the current practices and policies in different radiology departments, in order to identify the best work practices to not only develop a convenient product for the busy nurses but also a suggested workflow. This includes not only who should use the it and how, but also where it should be placed in the hospital to be as efficient as possible.

The concept is a modern styled device developed to be suitable for low volume manufacturing techniques and meet medical rules and regulations. Designed to be simple to clean and refill with contrast dosages, as well as easy access to the internals for maintenance.

By using this holistic design approach of consulting all stakeholders involved, I hope to achieve a better adoption rate by the nurses who will want to use it, instead of being forced to use it.

Project info
Jools Fenlon