Conscious Ski Glove

There is no playing without the playground!

The background or idea of this project came from when I was living in Chamonix, France, for two winter seasons where I skied and climbed. During this time, I saw how much humans really do affect the environment.

This in turn made me want to investigate what sustainability is and how we, as future designers, can influence the subject. The investigation revealed that the key to a more sustainable world is making use of circular economies and long-term thinking.

It is not only the product’s material that should be taken into account but also, for example, how it could be made easier for the user to take care of, repair and recycle the products. It shows the importance of taking all the different stages of a product’s life-time into consideration and to design for user needs rather than for individual aspirations or taste.

The conclusion of the sustainability research was then implemented in the project using design methodology to design an alpine pro ski glove for the company Stellar Equipment.

Project info
Linn Pettersson