For Berry Lovers

Did you know; if you eat 100 grams of berries you will get a significant portion of your daily vitamins and antioxidants. The natural daily intake will boost your immune system, prevent colds and infections. Berries are healthy to eat and you can still find Swedish frozen berries in the supermarkets even if it’s not season.

Much of the frozen berries are produced in Sweden, transported across Europe where they packaged and again transported back for sale. So how can you as a fruit lover get access to berries in a sustainable way? The alternative is to go out in the nature during season and collect berries by yourself and freeze the ones you don’t use.

My product is a colander for collecting berries which can be rinsed directly under tap water. The colander has a depth of 40 mm, this is due to a practical aspect as the berries won’t get crushed under their own weight when stacking them. So take the colander, explore the beauty in nature and find berries!

Project info
Marinda Svidén
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