A refillable packaging system for exclusive solid/waterless cosmetics

For every cosmetic product a consumer buys, a new packaging (often plastic) is purchased together with it. Every year, this single-use behaviour stands for 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging. For Europe alone, this is the equivalent of 5 packed Avicii Arenas. There is also a problem in the transparency of eco-friendly products today, where the recyclable packaging still ends up in landfills, and companies are buying eco-certifications to appear greener. The third problem is the perception of value in eco-friendly products versus the exclusive ones. Is there a way to combine sustainability with high-end cosmetics in the luxury market?

During my research, I came across waterless beauty, a concentrated cosmetic product form where you add water by yourself. Since cosmetics consist of up to 80% water, this solution would lead to energy savings in packaging, transportation, shipping, and logistics.

After conducting user tests and interviews with chemists and cosmetic experts, my ideation phase started with inspiration drawn from the cosmetic front figure of the Ancient Egypt era, Cleopatra. The result became a brand for exclusive cosmetics, in this project a face moisturiser, cleanser and a mascara, providing a refillable packaging system to minimise packaging and product waste.

#cosmetics #packaging #circular

Project info
Nina Cherrug