better experience for working from home

Work occupies a large part of our lives and affects our emotions greatly. Due to COVID-19, the possibility of an open-plan office at home has drawn our attention.
CIRCLE is a device that aims to help users who work from home find a good work-life balance, especially when they’re living with others. It’s a “vibe” clock with a separate signal light. It could be either hung on the wall, placed on a shelf, or on the desk.
Apart from working as a normal clock, you can double touch the surface to adjust it to “working mode”, or slide on the surface to create a “time circle” which allows you to be more focused with a timer and background sound. The signal light could inform your living partners about your working status, it is attached with magnets and could be used separately so you can hang it on the door handle so people can see it without entering your room. In this way, it communicates with your living partners about your working status more tangibly, so they will know if you are free to talk or if you don’t want to be disturbed.
CIRCLE provides better communication in three ways: between the user and their living partners, between the user and their co-workers, and the user themselves. It allows you to work in a way you want so that the users can enjoy their working vibe with more positive emotions.

Project info
Jinglin Wang