New purpose, no new purchase.

The Childish Shelf is a multi purpose piece of furniture that can function both as a crafts and play table for children, and a regular shelf that suits in an adult home. As the children grow up and the crafts table is of no use anymore, the Childish Shelf is rotated 90° into an upright position to be used as a standing shelf instead. When positioned as a table, it has a built in chair for the child and space underneath the table top for storage. When in its upright position, the shelf has an airy and open aesthetic that allows displaying decorative objects, books or storage boxes.

This piece of furniture is the result of a project that aimed towards designing to extend the lifespan of children’s belongings to reduce excessive owning and over consumption amongst parents. Parents of small children need to own many of the same products that they often need to replace and exchange as their child grows older. This affects both the environment and the personal economy of the parents. The Childish Shelf allows the parents to not have to replace the children’s craft table but to use it in a new way instead.

New purpose, no new purchase!

Project info
Signe Carlsson