A multifunctional stylish coat for backpackers

The purpose of this Bachelor’s degree project was to design a clothing item that minimizes the amount and the weight of a backpacker’s packing. The design process started with interviews with backpackers, who shared their experiences and needs during their adventures abroad. Theese needs, which primarily were related to a longing after stylish clothing that didn’t make the cut due to limited packing space, became the base for creating a practical yet stylish clothing piece for backpackers.

The result is carry-on-coat, a modular coat consisting of four parts that can be disassembled in order to create multiple clothing pieces. carry-on-coat replaces five regular clothing items; coat, jacket, vest, dress and skirt, saving 11 dm3 of packing space and roughly 2 kg of weight. With the large inside pockets being removable, the whole coat or just the pieces that are not currently in use can be stored and hung on the backpack, saving even more packing space. Due to the natural color and simple design choices, the coat can not only match many other clothing items regarding style and color; it is also suitable for many activities such as hiking in the wild or shopping in the big city.

Project info
Cornelia Sundell