ba/Degree Project: Careri

My degree project was done in collaboration the medical device company Arjo AB where I had the opportunity to design a new medical device to improve the quality of care and wellbeing of residents and patients in care facilities. The task was to further develop an existing concept and connect the device to a workflow where it needs to function with other medical equipment.

A fundamental step in the design process was to gain deep insights into the target group. Researching internal and external medical information along with close teamwork with professionals at Arjo was essential to understand the patients and residents mobility, needs and pain points. Another important aspect was to gain understanding of the challenges that the caregivers are exposed to when assisting the patients and residents in these situations.

The design process included ideation, visualization, cost optimization and 1:1 prototyping where the function was continuously verified by testing. The end result is a medical device with improved usability, safety, a more efficient disinfection process with an intuitive storage solution.

Due to confidentiality reasons – sensitive material and the final outcome is not yet public.