Bring your comfort

Designed in collaborations with Thule, this backpack lets you bring your essentials for a comfortable and cozy time in nature.

Spending time in nature is very beneficial for us humans. It’s our native home and it is where we were designed to live. It reduces stress, helps us heal and clears our lungs. Yet for most people living in cities, getting out there is just too big of a hassle. Even though we know that we sit still way too much and spend too much time in front of screens, it just doesn’t seem worth it. This backpack aims inspire its users to go hiking in nature by eliminating obstacles such as rain or discomfort. The backpack is ergonomic in design and deliberately only fits that which is absolutely necessary for your comfort. The built-in blanket can be used as a rain-cover for you and your bag if you are caught out in the rain. It can be used as a tarp if you need to protect yourself from sun, wind or rain during your break. It can be used as a changing area after a swim. Or simply as a blanket during your picnic. The backpack also come with a seat pad and cooling compartments for your drink and food.

Project info
Evastina Pauly