The bed made for jumping

Inspired by the current lock down situation due to COVID-19, Bobbedebed addresses kids’ need for physical activity inside small space home environments. Bobbedebed is a trampoline that also functions as a bed not to occupy additional space.

When sleeping, a mattress of choice is placed on top of the trampoline which is structured by threaded pipes and connectors. The flat packable Bobbedebed is scalable and hence available in all standard bed sizes. The diameter of the steel pipes is increased to minimize the amount of parts whilst keeping the construction strong and stable. Just like professional trampolines, the jumping mat consists of weaved nylon straps with the center marked out. To create the jumping effect, an elastic rope is wound tightly around the frame and through the mat. Compared to the commonly used metal springs, elastic rope is lightweight and keeps the jumping safe and silent. Kids can lean the mattress against the wall or place it on the floor for better jumping ability and extended play area. Worried parents can buy protective pipe pads to soften the bed frame and to decrease the risk of injuries. Anti-slip and shock absorbing feet protects the floor and keeps the neighbours happy.

There are no rules against jumping on the bed in this house.

Project info
Mikkel Garde
Sofie Håwi