An antifragile approach to designing a chair that ages gracefully

My primary focus lies within the area of sustainable furniture design, approached through the lens of longevity and durability. Fast furniture is getting more spotlight and is now being questioned. The unsustainability of the fast consuming and quickly throwing away of furniture is not in line with the 12th UN Sustainable Development Goal. It is in both consumers and designers interest in creating and developing a more sustainable consumption of furniture.

The concept of antifragility is a key component of the design process. The Japanese wood preservation technique known as “yakisugi” exemplifies an antifragile approach, resulting in enhancements to wood resilience. Through subjecting the wood to extreme heat stress, this method reinforces its resistance to factors such as decay, moisture, pests, and fire.

In our present mindset, there exists an inclination towards uniformity and homogeneity, despite the contrasting beauty of the randomness in nature. Embracing non-homogeneity by allowing the natural pattern of the wood pieces to be the focus. The soft transitions accentuate these so-called flowers and allow for a graceful aging of the soft pine.

Cooperating with time, allowing for natural wear and tear, BLOOM will age gracefully and gain character over time.

Project info
Klara Blomsterberg